Students at Appalachian have rich experiences in and out of the classroom. Having rich experiences is not enough, though. To compete succesfully after graduation, students must be able to demonstrate and talk about their experiences. The Aportfolio can help students catalog, make meaning of, and relate their experiences to graduate school admissions officers, employers, and colleagues. Being able to demonstrate growth and an abilty to apply knowledge in novel ways can help Mountaineers differentiate themselves. 


Career Development Center

Earning a degree from Appalacian is not just about checking off a list of courses and collecting a diploma. From orientation on through graduation, students need to be thinking about how they can prepare themselves to launch successfully from Appalachian in four years. The Career Development Center is one excellent resource for helping students prepare. However,  this is not just about crafting a professional resume. Students should not wait until the senior year to visit the Career Development Center. The staff of the Career Development Center wants to help students throughout their time at Appalachian. Students who follow the four-year career plan will be well-positioned to compete successfully upon graduatuion.


Academic Advising

Academic Advising is one key to student success. Advisors help students launch their undergraduate careers, navigate a dynamic academic landscape, explore the abundant oppportunities Appalachian offers, and progress steadily toward graduation. The Office of Student Success is proud to partner with all undergraduate colleges to promote and improve academic advising across campus.