Services for Students

Academic Success Workshops (ASWs) help all students remain in or regain good academic standing (GPA of 2.0 or above). They are required for students who are on their first semester of academic probation. These 90-minute workshops cover many topics, including Appalachian’s academic policies, campus resources, study strategies, and time management. Students consistently rate the workshops as being helpful to their success.

All students can register for an ASW by signing into Engage and searching "Academic Success Workshop." If a student completes a Self Paced Workshop, or a live version through Zoom and is currently on academic probation, their ASW requirement will not be met until OSS receives their completed Academic Plan at Copies of the workshop documents and self paced video can be found below.

Academic Plan

Student Information Packet

Self Paced Workshop video

As a form of proactive support, the Office of Student Success partners with the Student Learning Center to request electronic progress reports from faculty. These requests are usually disseminated just before midterm each semester for student athletes, students in the ACCESS program, students in the SSS project, military-affiliated students, and students in their first term of academic probation. The process begins when faculty receive an email providing a link to the site for the academic progress reports. Once on this site, faculty will log in using their Appalachian State University username and password. In most cases, it only takes a minute or two to complete the form. Any information faculty can provide on students' attendance, participation, and academic progress is very helpful to our staff, who reach out to students to offer support and encouragement. This outreach affords students the opportunity to take action early in the semester and to make meaningful improvement in courses in which they may be struggling.

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Each semester, this brief online questionnaire is sent to all new First Year and Transfer students. The New Mountaineer Survey provides valuable information about our new students in their first few months of their careers at App State. The Office of Student Success works with various campus partners to send out targeted communication to students based on their interests and needs. Contact for more information.

The Office of Student Success reaches out to students to provide information and referrals on a timely basis.

For example, faculty may alert us when a student has multiple absences in class, missing work, and/or other academic performance concerns that could place the student at jeopardy. Our office will email the student to alert them to this situation, to let them know how we might be of help, and to ask them to follow-up with the professor. If the student does not respond to our email, we will follow-up with a text. If we still do not get a response, we will then attempt to call the student. We report to the faculty member on our progress in connecting with the student. If we discover further concerns, we may refer the student to the Early Intervention Team or to the Dean of Students Office.

Additionally, we begin making phone calls directly to students towards the end of each semester if that student has not yet taken advantage of the early registration period for the upcoming semester. We know that the sooner one can register for classes, the better, so we reach out to see if there is any way we can help. We also make phone calls to students who are not on probation, but whose GPA for the semester dips below 2.0, because that is usually a sign that they may benefit from information and resources to get back on track. We know that our students are capable and want to do what we can to help them continue making steady progress toward graduation.

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