Second-Year Plan

Welcome to the Second-Year Experience! Whether this is your second year at Appalachian or you are a new transfer student bringing at least 30 hours of credit to Appalachian with you, if you have earned 30-59 hours of credit, this website can help you navigate the key opportunities and choices you will encounter this year. Here, you can learn about opportunities and resources to help you make these choices.

This year, it is essential that you make the most of your opportunities and focus on more than just earning good grades. By being fully engaged in your education and taking advantage of the opportunities Appalachian has to offer, you can prepare yourself to compete successfully for top spots in a few years when you graduate. Isn't it too early to think about graduating? No! We want you to fully enjoy and get the most from your time at Appalachian. To ensure this, you certainly don't want to delay until your junior of senior years. By beginning now, you can develop a strong, well-rounded portfolio of experiences that will allow you to stand out among great students from all across the nation.

What You Need to Do

1. Select and declare your major with confidence.

As you enter into your second year, you need to select and declare a major and choose classes smartly in order to "finish in four." Your major should represent what you most want to study/learn and what prepares you most completely for life after college. You should love your major. In order for this to happen, you must be engaged in exploring majors and careers. If you are engaged in the process, you will be prepared to select your major with confidence.

Undergraduate Majors at App State:

Careers related to the majors App State offers:

How to declare (or change) your major:

2. Meet with your academic advisor.

Though it is not universally required for second year students or transfer students beyond the first semester at Appalachian, effective advising is essential to a rewarding and enriching academic career.

Most students begin their careers at Appalachian as students in the Academic Advising and Orientation Center (AAOC). In the AAOC, you will have a professional advisor to help you launch your college career, confirm or explore major and career options, and, generally, make the most of your educational experiences here at Appalachian. Your advisor can be your #1 resource.

Once you have declared a major, a faculty member in your chosen department will serve as your primary advisor. Get to know that person and give her or him the opportunity to get to know you so that a healthy and rewarding mentoring bond can be created. Academic advisors are a rich source of information and can broaden and enrich your educational experience. 

3. Get to know and follow the timeline for years two, three, and four.

4. Remember that advisors can help you…

Choose interesting courses as you fulfill general education requirements.

Expand your knowledge of yourself and your skills relevant to the global economy and community.

Learn more about internships.

Explore how to afford college, find a job during college, and understand your finances.

Get assistance in achieving academic success.

Live in the place that’s right for you.

Stay active, alert, and well, and seek support when you need it.

Connect with others and make an impact in clubs and organizations.

Gain knowledge and experience beyond words and numbers with arts and culture.