diplomaFirst Generation Faculty & Staff Project

The First Generation Faculty and Staff Project showcases Appalachian's many faculty and staff members who were themselves first generation college students as undergrads.  These men and women know what it is like to navigate in unfamiliar terrain and are able to understand what our students may be experiencing.

These are their stories.

The Office of Student Success (OSS) is committed to improving the undergraduate experience for the students of Appalachian State University. Whether a student is struggling or excelling, OSS is dedicated to helping each student make the most of her/his time as a Mountaineer. To this end, OSS staff works with all colleges, schools, and departments on issues affecting student success at Appalachian.

We encourage you to explore the website to learn about what OSS staff do and how they further Appalachian's mission. If you see an opportunity for improvement or collaboration, please let us know. The Office of Student Success is new to Appalachian and welcomes the opportunity to serve our commuity even more effectively.

Appalachian has numerous resources to help our students succeed. To help faculty and staff easily navigate these resources, OSS has partnered with the Early Intervention Team and the Dean of Students Office to offer the following Quick Referral Guide for Faculty and Staff.


Quick Referral Guide for Faculty and Staff  

The social, personal, and academic demands of college can place enormous stress on students. To help students stay fully engaged in the educational process and meet Appalachian's high standards, the University has numerous means of identifying students who might be struggling. If you are concerned about a student, please review the options below to connect with the appropriate resource for your student.

Reasons for Concern:

attendance concern icon

Attendance or Academic Performance

If your concern about a student is based solely on attendance or academic performance, please click on the yellow circle to the left to complete and submit an Attendance/Performance Alert. Office of Student Success staff will reach out to the student about whom you are concerned and will follow up with you.  Questions? Please feel free to contact the Office of student Success at 828.262.6987 or You are also welcome to visit us in 238 I.G. Greer.  


 Academic or personal concern icon

 Academic Performance or Personal

If your concern about a student is about more than attendance/performance, the Early Intervention Team (EIT) is likely the proper referral. The EIT, composed of concerned faculty and staff from across campus, will follow up with the student, the student's advisor, you, and, possibly, the student's other professors. Each EIT member wants to ensure that the students you refer are getting the assistance they need to be successful and safe. Martha Marking is the faculty director of the EIT. Professor Marking can be reached at or 828-262-7077.

Examples of this could include a student's disclosure of the following: family concerns and/or emotional concerns impacting their functioning, or observable changes in appearance or behavior.

 Personal and serious concern icon

Complex Personal and/or Serious

If your concern about a student is even more serious, you can refer directly to the Office of the Dean of Students. Office of the Dean of Students staff help faculty and staff address serious concerns about students and are committed to the safety of Appalachian students and community. You may contact the Office of the Dean of Students at or 828-262-8284.

Examples of this could include a student's disclosure of the following: thoughts of suicide, interpersonal violence, or other safety concern that may need immediate attention.

 Emergency icon


If you are concerned about the immediate safety of a member of the Appalachian Family, you should call Appalachian State University Police at 828-262-8000 or, if off campus, 911.

Not sure if you should refer? Please do. It is always best to refer. If nothing else, it lets the student know that we are looking out for members of our Appalachian Family.

Still not sure where to refer? Start with the Attendance and Performance Alert. OSS, EIT, and the Dean of Students Office communicate regularly and will work together to ensure the proper intervention for your student.

If you want to consult about a student, you can contact OSS (828-262-6987), EIT (828-262-7077), the Dean of Students Office (828-262-8284), or any of the offices listed below:

          Counseling and Psychological Services 828-262-3180

          Student Health Services 828-262-3100

          Office of Disability Services 828-262-3056

          Office of Student Conduct 828-262-2704

          Equity, Diversity, and Compliance 828-262-2144

          Ombuds Office 828-262-2559

          Wellness and Prevention Office 828-262-3148

          Counseling for Faculty and Staff 828-262-4951

          ASU Police Depart 828-262-2150


(Students who have been referred to EIT, click here.)