The Office of Student Success (OSS) is committed to improving the undergraduate experience for the students of Appalachian State University. Whether students are struggling or excelling, OSS is dedicated to providing timely outreach to help students make the most of their time as Mountaineers. To this end, OSS staff works with all colleges, schools, and departments to address issues affecting student success at Appalachian.

App State Glossary of Higher Ed Terms

App State Glossary of Higher Ed Terms

Higher Education is full of unique terms and App State certainly has its fair share. Some terms make sense or can be figured out rather easily. Other terms are more confusing, even if you have been through the college-going experience previously at another school or witnessed it through the eyes of a family member. This App State-specific Glossary of Higher Ed Terms is intended to help demystify your experience.

Quick Referral Guide for Faculty & Staff

The social, personal, and academic demands of college can place enormous stress on students. To help students stay fully engaged in the educational process and meet Appalachian's high standards, the University has numerous means of identifying students who might be struggling. If you are concerned about a student, please use our Quick Referral Guide to connect with the appropriate resource for your student.

First Generation Faculty & Staff Project

The First Generation Faculty and Staff Project showcases Appalachian's many faculty and staff members who were themselves first generation college students as undergrads. These individuals know what it is like to navigate in unfamiliar terrain and are able to understand what our students may be experiencing. These are their stories.

If you are a Faculty or Staff member who was a first generation college student and would like to share your story or mentor First Generation students, please begin by completing the First Generation Faculty and Staff webform.